What is a General Plan?

A General Plan is a city's blueprint for the community's vision of future growth. It establishes the framework of objectives and policies that guide decisions on the city's development. State law requires each city to prepare a General Plan, which lays out a comprehensive and long-term plan for the city and covers a variety of topics such as land use, housing, circulation, open space, conservation, noise, and safety. More information on General Plans can be found through the Governor's Office of Planning and Research.

General Plan Update Project

Sausalito's current General Plan dates back to 1995. The General Plan Update provides the opportunity to reexamine the plan and make updates to reflect the opportunities and challenges that have emerged. The outcome of this project will be a user-friendly and coherent policy document that contains the vision for Sausalito and the policies that will support the vision. 

Community involvement is welcomed and encouraged in the General Plan Update. The update will include examining existing conditions, formulating a vision, establishing goals, identifying a preferred alternative, and preparing updates to the General Plan document. Interested parties can follow the process and contribute input. Documents and materials produced for the project will be uploaded on this website and outreach events will be posted.

Project Team

The Project Team will be involved in preparing analyses, leading meetings, conducting outreach, updating policies, and creating documents.

City of Sausalito. City staff will have oversight on the project and work closely with the consultant team throughout the process.

M-Group. M-Group will lead the consultant team, manage the overall project, and work together with City staff in the preparation of the General Plan. M-Group will set-up the community engagement program. 

Economic and Planning Systems. EPS will conduct the market analysis and determine fiscal impacts of the General Plan.

Parisi Transportation Consultants. Parisi Transportation Consultants will perform work on traffic engineering, transportation planning,
bicycle and pedestrian planning, and circulation design.

FirstCarbon Solutions. FCS will prepare an inventory of environmental resources and highlight unique environmental and health issues affecting Sausalito.

BKF. BKF will inventory infrastructure conditions and analyze infrastructure impacts related to future development.

Mott MacDonald. Mott MacDonald will analyze sea-level rise impacts on Sausalito.


Project Schedule

The Sausalito General Plan Update Project* started in March 2017 and is expected to continue through 2019. There will be multiple opportunities for the community to get involved through a range of meetings and workshops throughout the process. Interested parties may also reach out to City staff at any time for more information or to provide feedback. Please see the anticipated project schedule below and visit the Participation page for more information about upcoming events.  


*Anticipated schedule subject to change