apply to serve on the city of sausalito general plan advisory committee ( gpac )


If you are not a City-resident but would like to apply in case a non-City resident position opens, you are encouraged to do so. These applications will be held until such time that a position is open.


The City of Sausalito General Plan, adopted in 1995, is a policy document that is often referred to as the "constitution" of a community. The General Plan reflects the vision, goals, and values of the community and serves as a basis for decisions that affect the City's future growth and development, future budget decisions, and the allocation of City services. There are seven required “Elements” of General Plans in California: Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Conservation, Open Space, Noise, and Safety. The General Plan outlines goals and policies related to a range of topics within the required Elements, including: land use, community design, historic preservation, downtown and commercial development, streets and transportation, parks and open space, neighborhood character, the environment, public health and safety, and other matters of importance to Sausalito.

The Sausalito City Council seeks to fill a City-resident vacancy on the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). The GPAC guides the General Plan update effort. 

The City is conducting an update to the General Plan to look back on the policies and goals that were developed in 1995 and identify where improvements or changes are needed to respond to current and anticipated conditions. The General Plan Update will be a three-year process involving participation from community members through public meetings, workshops, and online surveys. The effort will involve extensive data gathering and analysis, and will be assisted by a consultant team.

GPAC Mission. The mission of the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) is to facilitate, in concert with city staff, consultants and the public, the update of the 1995 Sausalito General Plan. The GPAC will encourage a General Plan Update that respects and enhances the natural and built environment in Sausalito, recognizes future development opportunities and limitations, and conserves the cultural, historic, artistic, business, social and neighborhood diversity and character that is embraced by the Sausalito community.

Role of the GPAC. The GPAC, a Council-appointed committee consisting of 13 members, is an advisory body serving the Sausalito community through the General Plan Update (the “Project”) process. As of January 2019, there is a vacancy on the GPAC. The GPAC supplements the community input provided at public workshops and will provide feedback and guidance throughout the General Plan Update process. The GPAC, working with the Project consultant team and City staff, has the following functions:

  • Provide feedback and direction to the Project consultant and City staff, with the goal of developing General Plan policies and objectives that are responsive to the community’s input, current and future conditions, city-wide goals, and the long-term vision for Sausalito.

  • Refine the approach taken for each major step in the process, provide feedback through interim steps, review reports, review policy alternatives to select preferred policies, and refine the draft General Plan

  • Provide guidance to the City Council and/or Planning Commission and/or relevant Boards/Committees on key project deliverables and milestones.

  • Communicate information about the General Plan Update to Sausalito community members and encourage interested parties to participate in the process.

  • Make a recommendation to the Planning Commission and the City Council on the adoption of the General Plan Update.

  • GPAC meetings are open to the public and subject to the Brown Act, California's Open Meeting Law. The GPAC will hold regular noticed and agendized public meetings. GPAC Meetings and will include a time for the Committee to hear from the community on items related to the General Plan Update.

GPAC Term. The GPAC meets at least monthly, sometimes twice a month, however more frequent meetings may be necessary throughout the planning effort. The Sausalito General Plan Update is a multi-year process that involves public engagement events and activities that Committee members are encouraged to participate in. The General Plan Update process will continue into most of 2020. The GPAC is a limited-term committee appointed to fulfill the mission and role outlined above for the duration of the planning effort. At the completion of the General Plan Update, the GPAC will be dissolved.


To serve on the GPAC, applicants must be passionate about the community, and be prepared to dedicate the time to participate in the General Plan Update for the length of the remainder of the project (a multi-year timeline).

Eligibility. The City anticipates broad interest in serving on the GPAC. Appointments to the GPAC will be made by the City Council and candidates will be selected to ensure that:

  • The GPAC is representative of a diversity of community members and interests.

  • GPAC members have the capacity to represent the community broadly.

  • Disadvantaged or minority groups are given equal representation.

Ideal GPAC candidates possess the following desirable qualifications:

  • Preference will be given to Sausalito residents; however, exceptions may be made for up to two (2) GPAC appointments for outstanding candidates not residing in Sausalito

  • Is motivated and brings energy and creative ideas for planning Sausalito’s future

  • Is capable of meeting at least monthly on weekday evenings, and more frequently as needed per the project schedule.

  • Commits to work collaboratively and effectively in a group

Applicants who are not selected to serve on the GPAC are encouraged to participate in the General Plan Update process in other ways. Applicants will also be considered for appointment to replace GPAC members that may resign, who fail to attend a sufficient number of meetings as specified by Sausalito Municipal Code Chapter 2.58, or who are otherwise unable to fulfill their duties as GPAC members.

Whether you decide to apply for consideration on the GPAC itself or not, residents are encouraged to participate in planned outreach events, meetings, and workshops that will be coordinated throughout this planning effort

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