general plan advisory committee ( GPAC ) Mission Statement

Role. The General Plan Advisory Committee includes a membership of 11 Sausalito residents. The GPAC will represent the community and serve as a sounding board for developing the General Plan Update. Guided by the technical expertise of the consultant team, the GPAC will refine the approach taken for each major step in the process, provide feedback through interim steps—such as reviewing reports, refining the community’s Vision, and reviewing policy alternatives to select preferred policies. The GPAC will provide a final review of, and comment on reports before publication. The GPAC will ultimately recommend the adoption of the General Plan Update to the City Council.

Term and Commitment. The GPAC will be subject to the Brown Act, California's Open Meeting Law, and will hold regular, noticed and agendized public meetings. The GPAC is expected to meet at least monthly on weekday evenings, however more frequent meetings may be necessary throughout the planning effort. The General Plan Update process is expected to extend to at least March of 2019.  The General Plan Update workplan identifies more than 20 GPAC meetings in addition to expected attendance at a variety of community-wide events related to the General Plan Update. 
Eligibility. Applicants that serve on the GPAC must be passionate about the community, currently reside in the City of Sausalito, and be prepared to dedicate the time to participate in the General Plan Update for the length of the project. 

GPAC candidates are selected to ensure: 

  • That the GPAC is representative of a diversity of community members and interests.
  • That the GPAC members have the capacity to represent the community broadly.
  • That disadvantaged or minority groups are given equal representation.
  • The GPAC maintains the expertise needed to provide quality and constructive feedback to inform the General Plan Update effort. The GPAC as a body shall have knowledge, expertise, or relevant experience in the following areas:
    • Land Use & Growth Management
    • Architecture/Community Design/Historic Preservation
    • Circulation, Mobility, & Parking
    • Environmental Quality, Sustainability, and Climate Adaptation
    • Community Health & Safety
    • Economic/Business Development
    • Open Space & Parks
    • Neighborhood Preservation
    • Real Estate/Development

The City Council shall select candidates for the GPAC according to the criteria above, as well as the following additional desirable qualifications:

  • Resides in Sausalito (required)
  • Has established connections and networks in the community, such as membership in an existing community or professional organization, and/or local association, or has expertise in one of the topics listed above.
  • Is motivated and brings energy and creative ideas for planning Sausalito’s future
  • Is capable of meeting at least monthly on weekday evenings, and more frequently as needed per the project schedule.
  • Commits to work collaboratively and effectively in a group