The Marinship Workshop

On Saturday, September 7, 2019, more than 140 individuals took part in the Marinship Workshop. Attendees worked at tables to develop group visions for the Marinship and listen to each other’s thoughts concerning the future of this integral part of the Sausalito community.

M-Group will report their findings from the Workshop to the General Plan Advisory Committee on September 17. The data collected at the Workshop by City staff and M-Group can be found on this page.

This includes the following:


Workshop Video

Locator Map

Locator Results.png


Table Statements

Overall, 13 of 14 tables participated in the table statement exercise. Participants were given five dots each and were asked to put their dots on the vision statements that they agreed with or those which resonated most. They could put all five dots on one statement, one dot each on five different statements, or any combination. An Excel Online file with tabulated results is also available.


Participants were handed a questionnaire at sign-in that allowed them to give individual visions for the Marinship. An Excel Online file with tabulated results of these questionnaires is available.

Table Maps

Participants were suggested to write notes on large-format maps provided at each table. Five tables offered their notes at the end of the Workshop.