GPAC Meets to Discuss Policy Direction

On January 15th the GPAC discussed three topics identified as requiring policy direction in the General Plan Update. The three topics discussed at the January 15th meeting included historic preservation conditions, Caledonia (CR) and Neighborhood Commercial (CN) land use designations, and City-owned parcels.

City Council Receives Progress Report on GPU

On October 9th the City Council received a progress report on the General Plan Update including the completed Executive Summaries for the Comprehensive Existing Conditions Report, efforts to date and next steps in the Visioning Phase, and presentation of the Draft Community Goals as accepted by the GPAC on September 4th. The City Council was also requested to provide input for Planning in the Marinship.

GPAC Reviews Draft 20-Year Vision

On August 22nd the GPAC reviewed the draft 20-year Vision for Sausalito. The Vision is expressed through a series of Community Goals. The GPAC provided comments to refine and finalize the draft Community Goals before being presented to City Council. Meeting materials and the draft Community Goals are available here.

Community Visioning Workshop Held on June 23rd

On June 23, 2018 approximately 100 community members came together to develop a vision for Sausalito's future. Participants of the workshop split off into small groups to discuss and identify major priorities for the City over the next 20 years and to refine the existing General Plan goals to reflect these priorities. Materials from the workshop are available here.

GPAC reviews Circulation Conditions Part II

On February 6, 2018 the General Plan Advisory Committee continued its review from the January 16, 2018 meeting on the first draft of the Circulation and Transportation Conditions Report, and provided direction on revisions. The draft report and meeting materials are available on the GPAC website here

Pop-Up Workshop Held at the Souper Bowl

The General Plan Update team held a pop-up workshop at the Souper Bowl to hear from members of the community and gather input on how the community views Sausalito’s public spaces, historic resources, and thoughts about the city's overall community identity.