state and regional planning RESOURCES

General Plan Process - Governor's Office of Planning & Research

Secretary of the Interior’s Standards For The Treatment of Historic Properties (2017) 

State of California General Plan Guidelines Website (2017)

> 2017 California General Plan Guidelines Document

Changes Adopted in the 2017 Guidelines Update

CEQA Guidelines Update and Technical Advisory (Draft, 2017)

CEQA Guideline Update (direct link to comprehensive report)

CEQA Transportation Impacts: SB 743 Guidance (Draft, 2017)

State of California Sea-level Rise Guidance: 2018 Update (Draft, 2017)

BAAQMD Clean Air Plan (2017)

Plan Bay Area 2040 (2017)

Water Quality Control Plan - Basin Plan (2017)

State Emergency Plan (2017)

CA Air Resources Board AB 32 and 202 Scoping Plan (2017)

NACTO Transprtation Guidelines

Designing for All Ages & Abilities (2017)

Marin Transportation Sales Tax Strategic Plan Update (2016)

GGNRA General Management Plan (2015)

ABAG Hazard Mitigation Plan (2011)

Regional Bicycle Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area (2009)

San Francisco Bay Trail Plan (2008)

> Bay Trail Design Guidelines (2016)

> Bay Trail Map Brochure (2016)

Marin Congestion Management Plan (2014)

California Fire Plan (2010)

Marin County ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan (2008)

Marin County Unincorporated Area Bicycle Master Plan (2008)

Marin County Countywide General Plan (2007)

Marin LAFCO Municipal Services Review (MSR) (2004)

> MSR Update (2010)

Diesel Risk Reduction Plan (2000)

Richardson Bay Special Area Plan (1984)